This week we had an amazing talk about “Kicking your Sugar Cravings.”  This was actually presented by a special guest of mine, Eve Cannon.  Eve is a Holistic Health Counselor whose outlook on Nutrition really parallels the Chiropractic philosophy on natural holistic health care.  Eve taught some techniques to use to “kick” your sugar cravings, she spoke about people’s “relationships” with food, and she spoke about primary vs secondary foods.  This talk was very beneficial and most of the patients had great reviews about Eve.

One aspect of her talk that really impressed me and I believe many others can relate to, is her idea of Yin and Yang foods.  We all have heard of “Yin and Yang” balance, but I have never heard someone reference that to the foods that we eat.  After the talk I asked Eve if she wouldn’t mind sharing that idea for our website.  She gladly accepted the offer and we put together a short video about Yin and Yang foods.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!