I think it is safe to say that we do not have the healthiest nation in the world.  A part of that is contributed to the lack of education about preventative health care.  Most people are educated in a way that says if we are not sick we are health.  Does that really make any sense?  Do you go from healthy to sick in a few days, weeks, or months?  Absolutely not!  Isn't there a period in between there when there is a decreased in function or that we are headed towards sickness and disease?  Why are most doctors not looking at this?  Maybe because their analysis doesn't catch those functional differences!  The first step towards becoming a healthier nation and to have a true health care system is to look for function rather than disease.  I have put together a short video on the functional blood chemistry analysis vs the laboratory blood chemistry analysis.  One prevents sickness and disease, one detects sickness and disease.  Which would you prefer?  Enjoy! ūüôā