Fuel and Activation.  The Nervous System (our Brain and Spinal Cord) needs 2 very important things to survive, Fuel and Activation!  What is Fuel and Activation? 

Fuel comes from the Glucose from the foods that we eat and when that mixes with Oxygen it creates energy.  The Brain is the most oxygen and glucose rich organ in the body and without it the nervous system cannot perform ideally.  Why is this important?  Well in order to have Optimal Health we must have an Optimally functioning Nervous System.  Simply stated, without enough fuel the brain is running on "empty."  If you drove your car with the gas at almost empty every day, how would your car perform?  What if your nervous system is functioning with low fuel?  How would YOU perform!?

Activation!  Activation comes from the Motor and Sensory information that is sent to your Nervous System.  You cannot function without this type of information.  As we move our body we are activating our nervous system, all of our senses (vision, hearing, smell, etc), activate our nervous system.  Without proper stimulation, our brains slowly degenerate!  We all have heard the statement, if you don't use it you lose it!  If you stop using your muscles they eventually start to weaken or atrophy.  Well if you stop activating your brain, it weakens and atropies as well, hence why your health can progressively decline as you age.  

I have provided a Video with this post explaining this.  Enjoy! ūüôā