The Importance of Good Posture

What is the deal with Posture!? Why is Posture so important!?

I know we all know that we are supposed to have good posture, but what happens if we don’t!?

Lets begin with some basics…Which system in your body controls all your postural muscles?….The Nervous System! Your Nervous System comprises of your Brain, Spinal Cord, and all the Spinal Nerves that go to each and every tissue and organ in your body. This complex system controls and moderates ALL bodily function, from your thoughts, to organ function, to your posture! So, when we begin to have weakness in the Nervous System, guess what one of the primary symptoms are?…Changes in Posture! There is more to posture then just slouching or not standing up straight. It is a representation of how well your nervous system is functioning. Basically speaking, the worse your posture is, the worse your Nervous System is functioning, and the worse your health is!

There is a direct correlation between your Posture and your Health! Medical research has shown that the more your head comes forward off your shoulders, the unhealthier you become! This is called a “Forward Head Posture.” When you look at your head posture from the side, the middle of your ear should be lined up with the middle of your shoulder. As your head begins to come forward, the middle of the ear starts to shift forward in relation to the middle of your shoulder. So if you know someone who has this type of posture, it mean there is a weakness in their postural muscles and this needs to be addressed!

In our office, we use a program called Posture Screen to analyze your posture. It is an advanced digitized postural analysis that really accentuates how good or bad your posture is. Check out the video below to see how this program will benefit you! Enjoy!

Check out the video below which illustrates the importance of this very topic!  Enjoy!

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