The Chiropractic Lifestyle

The Chiropractic Lifestyle

The Chiropractic Lifestyle is an educational wellness and fitness movement that will augment the current healthcare system.

The current healthcare system has historically taught the public habits that help to fight sickness and disease. However educating the public about healthy habits that prevent disease is the foundation of The Chiropractic Lifestyle Movement. Disease prevention is what will change the health status of our nation.

Traditional thought has placed Chiropractic care in a pain relief and injury prevention realm. While there is some truth to that assumption, it certainly is not where the Chiropractic Lifestyle focuses. The Chiropractic Lifestyle teaches practical ways to prevent sickness and disease rather than simply fighting it when it comes. It is proactive, natural, and focuses on living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Healthcare truly is a lifestyle; it is not a moment in time. There must be a balance of the physical, metabolic and emotional. The body lives for what is called homeostasis. Homeostasis is having balance in all body systems. This is the time when a person is truly “healthy”. The Chiropractic Lifestyle Movement’s sole purpose is to raise awareness about healthy habits that will prevent disease and enhance overall health.

Why The Chiropractic Lifestyle?

With the recent induction of a new healthcare plan, many will have access to additional healthcare coverage. The question is will they have more coverage with the same old unhealthy habits? What is the benefit of a healthcare plan that does not focus on the prevention of disease? The result will be more people seeing doctors that only treat disease rather than preventing it.

This is the ideal time to adopt The Chiropractic Lifestyle as the primary educational resource to learn practical ways to becoming healthier. There is a need for balance of the physical, nutritional, and emotional well being. Raising awareness will change the health of future generations to come.

Who is needed?

The Chiropractic Lifestyle is a collaboration of professionals with the fundamental goal of proactive health. Although “Chiropractic” is the primary provider, it is impossible to create balance and prevention without the help of other like-minded professionals. Personal Trainers, Nutrition Specialists, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Psychologists and other Mental Health Specialists will be pivotal in creating that ideal healthy balance.

Where will the Education take place?

The Chiropractic Lifestyle focuses on educating the public. The movement will educate school administrators and teachers, recreational centers, after-school programs, hospitals, businesses/corporations, fitness centers and religious organizations.

How will this Movement unfold?

Traditional preventative screenings that have been promoted by the healthcare system are mammograms for women, prostate exams for men, and yearly “checkups” via blood testing. The fault with these exams is they primarily look for disease. It does not raise awareness of how to prevent the disease from occurring.

This is where The Chiropractic Lifestyle is valuable and a reliable litmus test. The public will learn how to live a healthier, natural, balance lifestyle that will prevent disease and enhance the overall health of our nation.

The Chiropractic Lifestyle will have various professional services aimed to teach preventive and practical ways to remain healthy rather than just waiting for breakdowns to occur. Chiropractors will guide and educate on proper function of the nervous system and how it enhances overall health. Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists will focus on combating obesity, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and raising awareness on the imporance of daily exercise and movement. Nutritional Specialists will be crucial for raising public awareness in regards to nutritional habits that will enhance life, prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other metabolic epidemics. Mental Specialists will focus on the overall emotional state with the hopes of creating positive outlooks to life. This educational collaboration will combat sickness and disease and inevitably change the nation’s health status.

Healthy Conclusion

Did you know that the healthcare community has predicted that children today will be the first generation to be out-lived by their parents? That is scary and the only way to stop that is educating them correctly. The Chiropractic Lifestyle will become a resource for all children and families with the goal of creating a healthier and happier nations.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your health? This movement will change healthcare, we just need you all to stand up and join us. If you would like to schedule an educational talk at your office, school, or religious community or if you are interested in scheduling an appointment at our office, please contact Doreen at 973-228-0500.

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