5 Fatal Mistakes People Make

5 Fatal Mistakes People Make

5 Fatal Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Chiropractor – That is Costing them Years off their Life

#1 Choosing a Chiropractor that ONLY focuses on Symptoms:

We all are created with a body that has the amazing ability to heal itself. The system that controls and coordinates all of your cells, tissues and organs is called your Nervous System. The Nervous System, consists of your Brain, Spinal Cord and all the Spinal Nerves. This system is so important that our creator encased it in bone to protect it. This bony structure is called your Spine. Your Spine, when properly aligned allows the Brain to communicate with your body optimally and it functions at its best. Unfortunately, due to various life stressors, whether physical, emotional or chemical, the spine and posture changes, causing dysfunction to your entire body.

Seeing a Chiropractor that only focuses on your symptom, and not addressing the structure and function of your body, is doing you a disservice because they are not giving you the opportunity to become a stronger, healthier version of yourself.

#2 Choosing a Chiropractor that DOES NOT take X-Rays:

There are some Chiropractors that choose not to X-Rays their patients. Whatever the reason, is their prerogative, but as a diagnostic tool to evaluate spinal structure, X-Rays are second to none. As a Chiropractor, we specialize in the structure of the spine and how that structure is positively or negatively affecting the Nervous System. Not using X-Rays to evaluate the structure, is like going to a mechanic and never lifting the hood to evaluate the mechanics of the car.

Please be sure to choose a Chiropractor that will use X-Rays analysis as one of their many tools to evaluate your condition.

#3 Choosing a Chiropractor that DOES NOT use Corrective Care:

Corrective care means that you are not only addressing the symptoms that are being presented, but you are also addressing the abnormal posture, using corrective adjustments, exercises and stretches. If your Chiropractor is only adjusting you and is not introducing you to corrective exercises or stretches, they are not using corrective care and are missing a huge component to your care that will affect your overall health in the long term.

#4 Choosing a Chiropractor that DOES NOT present a care plan that includes post X-Ray evaluation:

Your initial visit with the Chiropractor should include a consultation, orthopedic, neurological and postural evaluations, in addition to spinal X-Rays. This will give a reference or starting point to where you began. The Doctor will then use this to monitor changes in structure and function.

Before the care begins, the doctor should discuss with you a care plan or their “plan of action” that will be used to correct the abnormal posture. This plan should also include a monthly progression exam and a post X-ray within the first 3-6 months of care. If the doctor is unable to show change within that time period, it is very likely they are not using postural corrective care.

#5 Choosing a Chiropractor that has NO online presence:

We live in a digital world. This allows almost anyone access to almost everything. This is why it is absolutely imperative that any business owner, whether a Chiropractor or other professional, to have some type of online presence. This should be at the minimum a website, but should also expand into a Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram page and/or YouTube channel.

The reasons why are simple. These platforms, not only share info about their business, but is also a place for them to educate you as prospective clients or patients about what they do, why they do it and why you should be seeing them and not their local competitor. If your Chiropractor has no online presence, it is very telling that they are not willing to go above and beyond to educate you and other prospective relationships.

At The Chiropractic Source, we are extremely passionate about our patient’s experience. That is why we make sure we include all of the above in our patient care. We definitely DO NOT focus our care on their symptoms, we will not begin any treatment or care before a detailed evaluation is complete, spinal X-Rays are taken and a detailed care plan is discussed. In addition, we are extremely active on social media and that has allowed us such a huge platform to educate our patients about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

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