"Once you go to the chiropractor once, don't you have to go to the Chiropractor for the rest of your life?"  Have you ever asked yourself that?  Well that is asked to me on a daily basis and I always explain the reasons why a person would see a chiropractor and how long that can take.  This is what I call the Phases of Chiropractic Care.  In order to understand why a person would go to a Chiropractor for an extended period of time, you first need to understand the different reasons you would see them.  There are 3 types of Chiropractic care.  

1.  Acute Phase of Chiropractic Care:  Acute meaning having a symptom, is when a person is coming for pain or symptomatic relief.  This usually occurs during the first 2-4 weeks of visiting the Chiropractor

2.  Corrective Phase of Chiropractic Care:  There is an underlying CAUSE to the symptoms that each person develops and most of the time they are due to an abnormal stress on the spine and nervous system.  So, the Corrective Phase usually last anywhere from 3 Months to a Year depending on the condition of the spine and nervous system.  This is when you are correcting the spine and nervous system back towards normal.  

3.  Maintenance Phase (sometimes called Wellness Phase) of Chiropractic Care: After the spine and nervous system has been corrected back towards normal, there needs to be a period of time in which you "Maintain" the changes that were made, so thats when you would see the doctor once a week or once every other week.  This is when your seeing the doctor for Health/Wellness not because you have a problem. This is the phase of care that is most beneficial for your overall health!

Check out this video for a great explanation of this! Enjoy! ūüôā