In order for you to have optimal health, you must have an optimal performing Nervous System.  Your Nervous System comprises of your Brain, Spinal Cord, and all the Spinal Nerves that travel to the muscles, tissues, and organs in your body.  This complex system controls and coordinates everything about who you are.  From your posture to your thoughts to your digestion and immune function, it all is regulated by your nervous system.  In order for us to evaluate how well your nervous system is performing we look for 4 functional changes that occur when our nervous system decreases in function.  These 4 changes are as follows:

  1. Abnormal Sensations
  2. Abnormal Motor Movement
  3. Abnormal Thoughts
  4. Abnormal Posture or Body Contours

Enjoy another video that I have recorded a video demonstrating these changes.  If you or a loved one have ever shown any of these signs then your Nervous System is not performing optimally thus your health is not optimal as well!