Do you have “Text Neck?”


Do you have "Text Neck?" "Text Neck?" You may be asking yourself what exactly is "text neck." Well, it is a relatively new term that is being used to describe what is happening to a

Do you have “Text Neck?”2017-09-03T15:33:04-04:00

Get to Know your Produce Stickers


Did you ever notice that when you buy some of your produce, there is a sticker on it that has a barcode and a number? Those stickers are called the Price Lookup (PLU).  The barcode is

Get to Know your Produce Stickers2017-09-03T15:39:21-04:00

Backpack Safety


Backpack Safety Our office is committed to providing you with most consistent and useful health tips. With school about to start, it is very important to understand one of the biggest stressors to a child's

Backpack Safety2017-09-02T21:02:02-04:00
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