Eat More Weigh Less


Did you ever think that you would be told that you CAN EAT MORE and WEIGH LESS?  Well today is your day!  If you eat more whole foods, fruits and vegetables, you CAN eat more

Eat More Weigh Less2011-03-22T08:20:01-04:00

Blood Chemistry Analysis


Functional vs Pathological Blood Chemistry Analysis One of the most effective, efficient, and affordable tests for a general health screening is a Comprehensive Blood Chemistry.  A Comprehensive Blood Panel allows a health-care provider to quickly

Blood Chemistry Analysis2011-03-11T18:30:48-05:00

5 Ways to Health


Did you ever feel like you don't know where to start when trying to make healthier choices?  Well, I have an answer for you!  I have put together a short video about the 5 Things

5 Ways to Health2011-03-02T22:03:00-05:00
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